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House of Terror

The House of Terror offers one of the most impressive experiences you can have while visiting a foreign country. The museum provides insight into the pain, terror, and cruel acts that both Nazi and Communist repression inflicted on the local population. The museum is located in the headquarters of the secret police of both regimes. […]

Gellert Hill

Gellert Hill is another tourist and local hotspot in the beautiful capital city of Budapest. It gets its name from the bishop Gellert, which would mean Gerard in English, who was thrown from the hill while fighting for Christianity against pagans. The statue can best be seen from Elizabeth Bridge and is immediately recognizable thanks […]

District 8

Budapest, the capital city of Hungary and one of the most beautiful city in Europe and the world certainly has a lot to offer any potential visitor; from hidden, off the beaten path attractions to some of the most impressive castles, buildings, museums, bridges, spas and so on. One of the more off the beaten […]

City Park

One of the oldest parks in Central Europe and a stunning example of 19th century urban planning, City Park is the largest park in the Hungarian capital and is noted as the first public park in the world. The first signs of an organized park were set way back in 1751 when stone pathways were […]

Chain Bridge

Chain Bridge is another symbol of Budapest as well as one of the most impressive works of infrastructure ever constructed in 19th century Europe. Budapest’s name comes from two cities, Buda and Pest which were divided by the Danube River. While a pontoon bridge allowed safe passage over the river since the Middle Ages, crossing […]

Budapest Parliament Building

Perhaps the most recognizable building in Hungary’s busy capital, the Hungarian Parliament is one of the most imposing examples of neo-gothic architecture in Central and Eastern Europe. Construction began in 1885 and was finished 11 years later, just in time for the Millennium anniversary (Hungary’s 1000th anniversary). The building became fully operational six years later […]

Andrassy Avenue

Andrassy Avenue has also been called Hungary’s Champs Elysees on numerous occasions throughout history. It is THE place to take a walk while spending time in Hungary’s capital city, offering dozens of café’s, luxury shops, cultural institutions and amazing architectural sightings. Andrassy Avenue was recognized by UNESCO and is a World Heritage Site. The avenue […]

Soho Hotel

The Soho Hotel is a very chic accommodation option for spending a splendid city break or family holiday in Budapest. This apartment building dates back to 1930s and it has been recently redesigned as to look like a retro-style hotel that allures visitors with its lively psychedelic colors that are more reminiscent for Carnaby Street […]

Mirage Fashion Hotel

The Mirage Fashion Hotel is basically a beautiful 1820s villa that is located in one of the most splendid parts of Budapest, nearby the most important sightseeing spots. It is right across the Museum of Fine Arts, the monumental Heroes Square and the modern park with lake that circles the Vajdahunyad Castel- a Disneyland-like fairytale […]

Marriott Budapest

What better way to discover the wonderful city of Budapest than spending a holiday at one of its finest hotels- Budapest Marriott? This fascinating city comprises numerous lively and colorful contrasts, all of which must be experienced and enjoyed in the most stylish possible way. If you want to feel that the best highlights of […]