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Who doesn’t dream of spending an unforgettable holiday in an exotic and fascinating place? No matter if you are celebrating your honeymoon, an anniversary, a special occasion or an escape from the daily routine; a couple of days or weeks on a breath-taking piece of paradise can be a life changing experience.

Are you planning the perfect exotic holiday for more than a decade? Or have you just started thinking about it a couple of days ago? Regardless of the case, below you have some of the most splendid destination ideas that will surely impress you.


Hawaii is one of the most beautiful and amazing exotic getaways that impresses with spectacular landscapes, colorful underwater world and a rich history. It is the type of tropical heaven that offers a large range of tourist activities. Here, all your worries melt under the Hawaiian sun, and the best part is that you can have lots of fun while taking surf lessons, going whale watching or exploring volcanoes. The only obstacle is choosing which island to visit: the modern and luxurious Oahu, the white and tranquil Kauai, the famous Maui or the unspoiled Big Island?

South Island, New Zealand

South Island, the larger island of New Zealand has a very small population, features breath-taking natural beauties and the charming peaceful ambiance of an exotic beach retreat. It is the ideal spot for those who are looking for luxury and relaxation. The scenery and wildlife you’ll find here will steal your heart instantly. Among the island’s highlights we mention volcanoes, glaciers, mountains and pristine coastlines that define this destination as one of the most picturesque getaways in the entire world.  Spend a spectacular holiday on South Island while enjoying the thrills of scuba diving, skiing and hiking or the lush pleasures of relaxing spas, glamorous boutique hotels and world-famous vineyards.

New Caledonia

Melanesian culture and paradisiac South Pacific beachscapes meet French savoir-vivre on the dreamy New Caledonia. This archipelago collectivity of France offers two vacations in one. It is both a luxurious city getaway as well as an exotic island escape. It is just that kind of French chic ambiance encapsulated in a South Pacific décor. For those who adore the cosmopolitan vibe, there is the option of visiting Noumea, one of the largest cities in New Caledonia, where art galleries, aqua spas, museums and vintage boutiques can be found at every step. Or find a peaceful piece of paradise in its uninhabited islands, vivid blue coral lagoons or on its warm sands topped with lush palm trees.


Tahiti is that exotic destination that simply takes your breath away. 118 islands, 5 spectacular archipelagos, one paradise- this is what Tahiti is all about. Even though it is a very modern and luxurious getaway, it seems like a completely different universe. Here you are offered some of the most beautiful white-sand beaches, emerald waters and idyllic bungalows. Your holiday is complemented by cultural tours of small local villages, beautiful banana-tree-leaf body wraps and adventurous shark- feeding expedition. And your days on Tahiti will always start in style in an overwater bungalow while serving a delicious breakfast delivered by canoe.


Fiji is one of the most famous and luxurious exotic destinations in the world, one that if you do your researches right it doesn’t have to cost a small fortune. There is a large range of holiday offers, from five-star private-island resorts to economical eco-friendly properties in the Suva capital-you can search and select the type of vacation package that provides the ideal South Pacific bliss. Fiji has over 300 different islands to discover, some of them are uninhabited while others are bustling. One thing is certain, you will never run out of things to see and do. Just the Mamanucas represents an endless source of amazement. This chain of 20 volcanic islands offers miles of coral reef and world-class dive sites. For backpackers, the South Sea Island is the perfect choice, while Suva features modern accommodation, colorful nightlife and affordable digs.


Thailand isn’t famous just for its spectacular beaches, sky-high mountain peaks and lush jungle forests, but also for its impressive offer of luxury holiday accommodation complemented by modern amenities and excellent services. Even though Chiang Mai and Bangkok are very famous for their endless entertainment possibilities, islands like Phuket and Koh Samui attract even more visitors due to their exotic charm and peaceful atmosphere. Staying in a private villa on one of the numerous tropical Thai islands spoils you with complete intimacy, extreme luxury and amazing relaxation. Simply step out to discover the spectacular beach paradise that surrounds you with beauty and serenity. A resort is the ideal choice for families and large groups who want to travel to the Land of Smiles and enjoy style and ultimate highlights. Nearby white pristine beaches, elegant restaurants and vibrant bars are just a few of the advantages of this accommodation option.

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

If you dream of visiting Bali then we recommend a holiday in Ubud. This is Bali’s center of arts and culture, an idyllic place for every traveler. Even though it is a very small city, it provides a very large range of tourist attractions, such as the Puri Saren Agung which is the royal palace where the last ruler of Ubud lived. Currently, Puri Saren Agung is the site where the locals organize fascinating traditional dance festivals. Among its best highlights, we mention the beautiful rice terraces, the majestic rivers, the bustling arts district and the ancient temples.


The Maldives is one of the most exotic and relaxed tropical destination where you can enjoy a very luxurious and informal holiday on an island that looks like it has been deserted by its inhabitants. Besides the elegant and extravagant accommodation offers and the delicious food, the Maldives offers an extensive range of watersports. With many deep and beautiful reefs to explore, sub aqua diving is a must here as basically every resort has its own fully equipped diving school which provides a complete offer of courses. Also, each resort is located on its own island and organizes tours and fishing trips on the other islands. One of the most unique and amazing experiences is represented by a day trip to Male by speedboat where you will learn about the pleasures of taking life slowly while admiring the emerald waters and the white beaches.