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Hertelendy Kastely

Hertelendy Kastely is one of the finest accommodation choices in Budapest. No matter if you are a businessman, a sport enthusiast or a just a person with exquisite tastes, this hotel will spoil you with the best luxury treats that a life of travel has to offer. If you are looking for an unbelievable stay […]

Danubius Health Spa Resort Helia

In the most spectacular park in Budapest, at only a couple of minutes downtown there is one of the most chic and affordable hotels in the city, Hotel Danubius Health Spa Resort Margitsziget. This very modern and friendly accommodation option invites you to spend an amazing holiday in Hungary’s capital while enjoying excellent services, lush […]

Corinthia Hotel Budapest

Located in the center of Budapest, Corinthia Hotel is a historical luxury hotel that has been gorgeously transformed and beautifully restored from the old Grand Hotel Royal. Nowadays, it is one of Budapest’s most famous 5 stars hotels and it still preserves the splendor of the original interior and majestic structure which dates back to […]

Boscolo Budapest

One of the main reasons why anyone chooses a 5 stars hotel is because he wants to enjoy both the elegance and comfort he had back home. The Cotemporary Boscolo Budapest is an oasis of luxury and culture, right in the heart of Budapest. Only here you can expect to find such a spectacular mix […]

Sofitel Budapest Chain Bridge Hotel

Near the Danube River, the Hungarian parliament and some of the best Budapest tourist attractions there is a very famous and popular hotel that allures its visitors with high end services, modern amenities and luxurious rooms. Its name is Sofitel Budapest Chain Bridge and it impresses right from the first moment with its replica airplane […]

Palazzo Zichy

With an excellent location, modern room interiors and high end services, the Palazzo Zichy Hotel Budapest represents one of the most elegant and stylish hotels in Budapest, perfect for experiencing unique holidays on the picturesque shores of the Danube River. Palazzo Zichy is actually a 19th century mansion, which was once owned by Nandor Zichy, […]

Four Seasons Gresham Palace

Four Seasons Gresham Palace is one of the most beautiful 5 stars hotels in Budapest. If extreme luxury is the only option for you then you need to consider this hotel if you are in the city and you need a lush place to stay. The reason why most customers are impressed with the Four […]